About Us

Dick began taking 35 mm photos in his twenties while raising his three children, gravitated to travel inspired nature and landscape photos during trips with the family.

Early professional shooting came when Dick was a pit crew member on a Nascar team in the 70s, dick went on to shoot indy cars, drag races, car shows, and most recently, the word’s fastest single engine car,” speed demon” on it’s 400 plus mph run at Bonneville speedway.

He went digital, when quality was ready, and now shoots, edits, and prints his own work.

Recent assignments include commercial real estate. Construction equipment, his first love, nature and landscape shooting has taken him from Coast to Coast, from Mexico to Canada.

Now partnering with his wife and partner Linda, they travel the back roads, the national scenic venues ever looking for that image that will “Take you away”.

Dick exhibits his work at local photography shows, and his work can be seen at the Chatsworth chamber of commerce, and at various business locations in chatsworth.ca

Dick and Linda Pearson are an avid outdoor couple, Dick is a long time photographer and Linda directs him at getting the perfect shot. The couple enjoys the demanding life of getting up early and going to bed late in order to capture the best possible shot.

Dick and Linda usually agree on the perfect shot and sometimes not. If they don’t agree they both photograph the scene and let the customers decide. One thing they are both sure of is that mother nature is the artist, they just record the images.

Pops images offers only images from their own cameras, and only prints from their own studio, and all frames are made by pops images

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Please enjoy looking at our catalog of images as if you were traveling there yourself.
If you see an image that takes you away, we will have it hanging in your chosen place in short order.

Our site is newly launched , we are adding images, prints, & framed prints as fast as we can, please check back to see new images, or contact us if you are looking for a specific image.

Pops & Linda